With the continuous deepening of economic globalization, China"s connection with the world is becoming increasingly close. I believe that the influence of the Chinese team in the world is increasing.

     China"s purchasing power affects the world. With the deepening development of economic globalization and the reform and opening up, Chinese people have gradually moved away from the era of material scarcity that required food stamps to purchase. People"s living standards have continuously improved, and their purchasing power has also increased. The news of Chinese tourists going abroad for shopping is often reported. In France, Chinese tourists rush to shop at a famous department store, in South Korea, Chinese tourists rush to buy skincare products at skincare stores, and in Japan, Chinese tourists rush to buy appliances... Such reports are common, and almost every country can see the presence of Chinese people. China"s purchasing power continues to increase, thereby driving the overall development of the world economy. Therefore, China"s purchasing power continues to influence the world.

      In addition to the purchasing power of the Chinese people influencing the world, Chinese culture is also influencing the world.

     With the continuous improvement of China"s international status, Chinese culture continues to go abroad and influence the world. In recent years, the popularity of Chinese characters and poetry has swept across multiple countries, and Confucius" ideas of benevolence and propriety have spread overseas. Chinese primary school students who recite the Three Character Sutra are initially good and have been vigorously promoted abroad. Even the only daughter of US President Trump, who is five years old, also recites the Three Character Sutra in Chinese with excellent application. In addition, China"s tea culture and kung fu culture have also gone abroad and become popular with overseas people. It can be seen that China"s cultural soft power is constantly strengthening, and the culture with Chinese characteristics is constantly influencing the world, influencing the ideological concepts and even the way of life of overseas people. Therefore, it can be said that Chinese culture constantly and profoundly influences the cultures of the rest of the world.

      In addition to influencing the world in the economic and cultural fields, China is also influencing the world in various fields. How to consolidate and develop China"s influence over foreign countries is a question worth pondering. I believe that at the national level, individuals should participate in the defense of influence.

      From a national perspective, the country should implement active foreign policies to promote Chinese culture to every corner of the world. The country can also use new forms of communication to spread culture. From a personal perspective, every move an individual makes when traveling abroad can affect the image of a country, as stated in a CCTV advertisement: "China is what you are like.". So, individuals should pay attention to their behavior and behavior, spread Chinese culture in the right way, and unleash their purchasing power. This way, we won"t make others underestimate us.

      Let"s continuously improve our comprehensive national strength and see how China affects the world.


       It’s our duty to protect he environment. As we all know, with the global warming and energy consumption, the environment is becoming worse and worse. It is very important for us to start with a low-carbon lifestyle. But how can we live a low carbon life? Here are my ideas. Firstly, it is a very good idea for us to go to school on foot instead of by car. It is good for the environment and our health as well. Secondly, remember to turn off the lights, fans and computers when we leave the classrooms. Thirdly, it is important for us to turn off the tap when we finish using the water. We can reuse water, too. For example, we can reuse the water to water the flowers or trees. At last, try to use the cloth shopping bags instead of plastic bags when we go shopping. (In addition, it is important for us to use fewer fast food boxes or chopsticks so that we can reduce the white pollution.) I believe our life will become better and better if we can do these things. Lower carbon, happier life. Let’s take actions.


     Today, my mother and I went to the China Science and Technology Museum near the bird"s nest in Beijing. From afar, the newly built Chinese science and Technology Museum is grand and spectacular.

  We walked in and found that it was a four story building with a main exhibition hall and an attached hall. Among them, the main exhibition hall is divided into four exhibition halls according to the Chinese light, exploration and discovery, science and life, challenge and future theme, which has many exhibits and large area, which is really breathtaking. I often go to the Tianjin Museum of science and technology, in contrast, is simply pale into insignificance by comparison.